March 24, 2020


RE: COVID-19 N95 Masks FDA Registered, NIOSH Certified, CE Certified


Broker Name:                    G3 Systems Inc.

Broker Contact:                  Gordon Miller

Broker Location:                 Glen Allen, VA

Broker Phone Number:      +1-804-852-8999

Broker E-Mail:             


Vendor Name:                    AUTA Technologies Limited

Vendor Contact:                  David Ellwood

Vendor Location:                 London, England

Vendor Phone Number:      +44-7876-748538

Vendor E-Mail:         


Manufacturer Name:           Shanghai Dasheng Health Products Manufacture Co, Ltd

Manufacturer Location:       Shanghai, China

Product Location:                Shanghai, China


FDA Entity Registration:      Yes

FDA Product Registration:   Yes

NIOSH Certification:            Yes

CE Product Registration:     Yes

Proof of Certifications:         Yes – Documents Available Upon Request

Product Type:                       N95 Masks


Quote for 500,000               $2,600,000 - 10 days, 50% down and 50% in 5 days.

Quote for 1,000,000            $5,200,000 - 20 days, 50% down and 50% in 10 days.

Quote for 5,000,000            $26,000,000 - 30 days, 50% down and 50% in 15 days.

Quote for 10,000,000          $52,000,000 – 30 days, 50% down and 50% in 15 days.


Quantity Available Immediately: 375,0000


Quantity to be Produced with Estimated Production Schedule: Quantity as needed.


Payment Terms: 50% Down, 50% in 5-15 days based on quantity.


Payment Method:               Wire Transfer


Is Shipping Included:           No


Estimated Shipping Date:     5 days after deposit


Estimated Delivery Date:      10 days after deposit

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